Architectural Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why chose arquiteg?

    Because we are an established firm with over 35 years of experience,  we have an avant-grade and proactive staff, and because your necessities are our number one priority. arquiteg's architecture primarily focuses on designing for the people. We believe that good design involves the human scale, the human touch, and its perception of the environment; after all, we are the ones who will enjoy it, and fully utilize it.


    arquiteg is also committed to a higher standard, which has been reached by years of experience and services. We have designed office spaces, homes, historic preservation renovations, parks, and even schools. Whether your scope of work is small or large, on a budget or limitless, we are sure that you can benefit from our services.


    arquiteg tackles each project in a similar way; by hearing, communicating, and understanding what the client wants and expects from his project, we can realize his dream office, home, or building. Our efficient communication skills have allowed us to eliminate problems through out the project, reducing time and expenses. The computer has also become a valuable tool for us, which has helped in cutting project time. By creating 3D images of the project, we can show our clients what his/her future project will be like, which allows for better feedback and a more fluid design process.


    For other questions, feel free to call us at our office 787.723.2031, or send us a message through our contacts us page.

  • Why should I work with an architect?

    An Architect is a professional academically trained and licensed to manage the aspects of space configuration, functionality, life safety, laws, costs, aesthetics, environmental/sustainable solutions, code & zoning requirements, and construction methods.


    An architect has experience in developing comfortable buildings for its users. With our decades of experience, we can help you achieve a fluid design and construction process. With our experience, we can  anticipate the possible problems that will arise, and provide a solution before they become aggravated or occur at all. This will end up saving you time and money, while achieving a project that you love.


    Studies show office design can affect worker productivity and job satisfaction. Simply put, better working environment means better business. arquiteg's extensive experience in workplace design can be the strategic advantage your bottom line needs. Let us partner with you to achieve your business goals.

  • What are the rates for architect services?

    Architects can assist their clients in multiple ways. The professional rates of an architect can be based on time, a stipulated sum, a percentage of the cost of the work, the project's square footage, and unit cost. The most common ways are stipulated sums or time-based compensation.


    arquiteg's fees, as well as most architects firms, are guided by the well establish Colegio de Arquitectos y Arquitectos Paisajistas de Puerto Rico (CAAPPR). For more information, please contact us or come by our office; our first consult is usually free. In this meeting we can talk more about your project needs and we can submit a formal proposal.

  • Can I remodel without interrupting my operations?

    In many cases it is feasible, and that is precisely one of the ways in which the Architect can serve as a coordinator to help you plan the renovation for your company or workplace. If it is difficult for you to visualize it, contact us, you will be surprised with the options and architect can offer you.

  • How do I know if an architect is needed?

    If you have space problems, if you want to accommodate additional personnel or equipment, if you want to save more energy, if you want more waiting space for your clients, if you cannot find enough storage space, if you want to become more visible or you simply want to have a more modern image, you need an architect.

  • How can we help you?

    Our job as architects is to see the big picture in terms of your project. We can help you explore your aesthetic needs as well as your functional requirements. We also coordinate teams of engineering, design, construction, and work through the complicated building codes and zoning requirements.


    Our services, knowledge, and experience are very extensive. We can create schematic design, construction documents, guidance through the construction of your project, and much more. We will serve as your advisor in every step of the way, so that you feel safe and guided. For a list of our different architectural services, please see our services tab. We also provide engineering services.


  • Can arquiteg collaborate with other firms to pursue and achieve projects?

    arquiteg is in constant collaboration with other architectural and engineering firms. We can handle many legal and technical aspects of the project in Puerto Rico, as well as maintaining communication, supervision, and more. If you are a local or an abroad firm and are in need of an architect in Puerto Rico, you have come to the right place. Please see our collaboration services.

  • Why should I hire an AIA architect?

    Architects who are members of the American Institute of Architecture adhere to the AIA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, meaning you will be receiving a prime architect who works with the highest standard possible.