Important Reasons to Preserve Historic Buildings

Historic buildings require laborious repairs and eventual restoration throughout their lifetime. For some, the opinion is that it would be simpler and more cost-effective to build new buildings instead of preserving the older ones. Demolish the crumbling shack and construct a shiny skyscraper. The contrast is that a city’s character and sense of community are enriched by its history. Having the right perspective of historic preservation can even prove to be beneficial to the owner, environment, and society.

Acknowledging the importance of old buildings to the public and to the country’s heritage, the United States Congress enacted the National Historic Preservation Act in 1966. A piece of this legislation states the reason behind why it works to save historic buildings by explaining, “preservation of this irreplaceable heritage is in the public interest so that its vital legacy of cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational, economic, and energy benefits will be maintained and enriched for future generations of Americans.” Historic buildings are a testament to the aesthetic and cultural history of the city, allowing the citizens to feel they have something that keeps them connected to the past. Rehabilitating older buildings to their original appearance adds individuality to the area but can also attract investment. When you have a significant historic structure, tourists are drawn to visit, thus benefiting the owner and also other local businesses that benefit from the additional traffic. Some industrial buildings with historic value have been modified to become small business spaces or even mixed-use developments, breathing new life into the structure and the neighborhood.

Marble, old bricks, and rare wood are just some materials that are unique and valuable that abound in historic buildings. They also have detailing and features that are no longer found, such as decorative facades, unusual glasswork, or copper lining. These elements create a distinctive character, making the building more interesting than modern structures for some. When you retain and maintain these classical buildings, traditional methods of workmanship are also supported. Repairing and reusing existing buildings uses energy and material resources more efficiently and reduces waste. New materials don’t need to be created, nor older demolished materials thrown away. Plus, the energy that would have been used for rebuilding is preserved.

These are just some of the many reasons that can be discussed concerning the preservation of historical buildings. Arquiteg has a rich portfolio that includes our commitment to upholding the design aesthetic of the past while refining them so the future inhabitants and visitors to the island can enjoy them. We invite you to visit these and see why we are the ideal partner for your restoration projects.