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Improving life
through design.

Your partners in design at Arquiteg are committed to harnessing the power of architecture to transform the way people move, work, play, interact and inhabit each space. Through successful design strategies, we help our clients to positively influence the way they feel, the inherent wellness in a space and improve their overall quality of life. Our work is focused on collaboratively improving efficiency, through structures that promote comfort, conserve energy and water, benefit from more natural light, reduce sun heat exposure, are less expensive to maintain, reduce building maintenance costs, and increase well-being.


Let us meet all your design needs.

Thanks to our amazing architectural team, we have delivered a myriad of commercial, residential, and public projects with our signature aesthetics for over four decades.


By providing a single point of contact for the design, planning, and efficient management of your project, we add convenience, timeliness, and – above all – value. The result is a smooth, informed, and elevated experience for clients in a variety of industries.

Partners and Featured Projects

From the complexities of historical restorations to the intricacies of personal visions, Arquiteg is a top selection among major players in a variety of industries. We are proven to be a partner that listens and responds to the specific needs of each client and are known for going above and beyond with each project.

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Let’s start designing
your project.

Selecting an architect to work with is effortless when you get to know Arquiteg. Our distinctive and personalized approach will make you feel at ease and secure with your vision and timeline. Our work transcends the edges of the drawing table and goes beyond the dimensions of the project. We are on a mission to improve your daily life through the power of design and architecture. Contact us today to learn more.

    We’re not just another
    architecture firm.

    With Arquiteg you enter into a partnership that will guide you through the entire creative process. We bring your ideas to life and traverse alongside you until delivery. With us, every experience is unique. 

    Our expertise is demonstrated
    through 40+ years of work.

    Our firm takes the lessons in its more than 40 years of design and allow them to heighten our modern perspective as we continue to influence the contemporary landscape on the island and beyond.