Historical Restoration

Antiguo Casino de Puerto Rico


A full restoration to one of the most beautiful buildings in Old San Juan. Originally built in 1918, this building is an extraordinary example of 20th century neo-renaissance architecture influence. It was restored to serve as the Official Reception Center for the Department of State. The building was constructed near the modern main entrance of Old San Juan, in a lot of 5,150 sq. mts.  Intensive historical research and laboratory testing were done for existing materials in order to assure correct decisions in the design phase. The full restoration involved the white plaster ornamental restoration and restitution in walls, columns, ceilings and cornices.  The floors and interior columns were finished with marble from Carrara, Italy and Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico. A large mirror was installed at the end wall of the main staircase landing that announces what awaits the visitor on the second level. All modern systems (electrical, mechanical, and lighting) were carefully selected to be in harmony with the interior design of the building. A formal oval garden at the east side of the building facade adds to the nobility of this magnificent building.


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