Historical Restoration

Lourdes Chapel, Miramar, PR


The gothic revival style chapel was designed by the famous Czech Architect Antonín Nechodoma in 1907, which later opened its doors in 1908 in the Historic District of Miramar. The four stone gargoyles that crown the bell tower convey a sense of mystery and elegance, capturing your attention from this small and beautiful chapel, as well as its gothic trusses and beautiful stained glass windows. The new ceiling respects its original gothic geometry, honoring the sense of clarity and openness of the space. The rich appearance of the original wooden textures emphasizes the quality of the experience within the chapel and a new tile cover revives the surface of the roof in the exterior.  The new lighting effects accentuates the esthetic virtues of the chapel, giving it prominence during the hours of the night.  The redesigned garden creates a spiritual environment, where the community has a space for socializing, reflection, meditation and adoration.  The new fence complements the historical building, while integrating the architecture with its urban surrounding.  The scope of the restoration work includes: cleaning of the walls, replacement of deteriorated wooden structural elements with exact replicas, new fence surrounding the property and a new design for the garden.  New mechanical and electrical work integrated with the historic structure in a discrete way. 


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