Historical Restoration

Ponce City Hall


This project consists in the restoration for four (4) historical buildings, which includes the existing City Hall for the Municipality of Ponce, P.R.  These buildings constitute an important urban block in the heart of the Historic District of the city dating from the early 1900’s, decorated with French architectural ornamental details. All buildings to be restored will be used to accommodate municipality government offices.  The main work will be done in the buildings located at each side of the existing City Hall, which includes a new auditorium that will be included in the first level of the building at the northeast corner of the block. The two buildings at the east side will be completely restored, including floors, wall, arcades, and ceilings that will be provided with new mezzanines that have been designed to harmonize with the existing structures and it’s context. All the facades will be carefully cleaned, restored and painted. All wood doors and windows will be replaced with new ones that will retain the traditional character of the existing ones.


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