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Recreational Park in Rio Grande Estates


The Municipality of Río Grande wanted to contribute to the community development through the rehabilitation of the recreational park facilities inside the residential area of Río Grande Estates. The Project consisted of the reconstruction of the baseball park, new bleachers, remodeling for the areas of dugouts, bathrooms, and cantina for the benefit of the spectators. The existing tennis courts were also refurbished and two were added as well. Two new gazebos with benches were also included as a resting area for visitors and a destination for small recreational activities.  There were also improvements to the existing sidewalks to make them wider and in better conditions. At the same time, new sidewalks and walking paths were added. As part of the rehabilitation of the recreational park facilities, new playing areas were created for kids with playground equipment. This project considered the use of recycled materials in order to minimize the environmental impact, as well as the use of energy-efficient lighting systems and a strong emphasis on the landscape, including planting new trees.


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