Historical Restoration

Casa Grande Museum, Mayaguez, PR


Built over 120 years ago in the Méndez Vigo Street in Mayagüez, this beautiful residence has served the municipality by providing valuable cultural resources, as well as representing the history of its town. Currently a museum, this old residence constructed in 1890 is considered one of the most valuable cultural heritages pertaining to the historic district of Mayagüez. The house serves as a representative model of the typical residence in its neighborhood, containing a masonry basement with an elevated first floor and roofed with wood trusses and zinc. The restoration seeks to preserve its neoclassical creole characteristics. During the design, the architect carefully considered contemporary materials in order to create a clear contrast between the new and the old. The building is composed of a central interior patio that connects the museum offices with the kitchen, the public restrooms, conference room, and an activity area. The house also contains bedrooms, closets, private bathrooms, and an interior parking, which was added after the original construction.  In the basement we can find a new lounge área, storage, and warehousing.


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