Public Assembly

Cayey Convention Center


Located in the heart of Cayey, this modern proposal aims to transform an existing parking building into a symbol for the assembly of the community to serve as a convention and activities center. This innovative structure promotes professional, educational, cultural and social activities within the city.   Its design seeks harmony with newly developed buildings in the neighborhood, thus emphasizing the vision of progress and modernism for the municipality of Cayey.  The new building rests on top of a hardly used parking structure which will nourish the new facilities program while activating the flow of people in the neighborhood.  This poses some challenges that tend to the connection of the new building to the existing structural system. The intention of applying elements of plasticity to the planes of the ceiling by playfully modifying heights allow breaking the horizontality of the existing language in the north façade.  Because of its orientation, this façade welcomes light and transparency while reducing the adverse heat gains.


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