Massanet Residence


Located in a hilly area in Trujillo Alto, PR, the main idea for this design was to create a house that could easily integrate with its site and its spectacular views. To the south it has a mountainous view and to the North, the house has a clear and uninterrupted view of the Atlantic Ocean down below and of the City along with the main airport’s Control Tower.  With these views in mind, the house was designed with high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows in a curved façade that tampers outwards to the North.  Inside the spaces of the living room and the master room the glass tampering wall gives the feeling of being inside another Control Tower.    Since the house has a view of the forest to the south, the integration of nature into the house was a main concern.  We implemented nature in the house adding a garden and a fountain at a central location in the house.  Because its main road access is from the front, we created a more closed facade with a great exterior frontal plaza to enjoy the views. This residence was provided with the latest available technologies in matters of communications, lighting, satellite, internet and security standards.


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