Morales-Ruíz Residence, Vieques, PR


Located in Vieques, Puerto Rico, at a mountain top with spectacular ocean views all around the property, the design of the Morales-Ruiz Residence is envisioned and developed incorporating views to its context in every space. In fulfilling the client’s desire that the residence be designed in a style reflecting Spanish Revival architecture, the use of low-pitched tile roof tops, balusters, arches, moldings and trellis throughout add to the style of the project.  With a Spanish Revival style and looking to meet the client’s expectations the house is framed with a two story entrance gallery with arcaded balconies that connect the spaces of the residence. An interior patio facilitates a visual communication between all the areas of the house and provides an open space for enhanced ventilation, and illumination. Vegetation and a water fountain soften the patio’s atmosphere and contribute to its ambiance for the family to gather. Contributing to the world with environmentally friendly features, a photovoltaic panel system for energy consumption is integrated as part of the design of the Residence. It is capable of feeding sufficient energy to be off the grid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Insulated Concrete Form walls as part of the construction system provide uniform air temperatures and reduce energy consumption for cooling inside the residence. Also, a pluvial water collection system is provided as another way to contribute to the environment and consume less potable water.


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