Public Assembly

Del Carmen Park, Rio Grande, PR


The municipality of Río Grande sought to rehabilitate the facilities of the existing recreational park at Urb. Del Carmen into a children’s recreational park. The scope of work included the rehabilitation of the existing basketball court and the construction of new bleachers, an activities gazebo, a snack and refreshments gazebo, public bathrooms, a walking trail, and a playground area for children with special needs. Different grade levels throughout the park’s walking areas provide a dynamic way for children to perceive space and exercise by having fun. The alterations in levels integrate slides into a circuit of diversified playground components. American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance is met in all areas of the park giving equal opportunities to children with disabilities to enjoy this vibrant space. Environment friendly materials are used for walking surfaces, previous concrete sidewalks allow proper water percolation and avoid unwanted water run-off, and recycled rubber is used both for the walking trail and the playground area. Green areas and abundant trees bring comfort and shade to the park for the commodity and well being of its users.


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