Corporate Office

Intaco Corp. Headquarters


Intaco is located on an industrial park in the City of Carolina PR, this new building intends to provide a modern ambience to a Costa Rican multinational firm oriented to rentals of construction forms and scaffoldings. As a company deeply immersed in the construction industry we were selected to provide full architectural, engineering and interior design services after a rigorous RFP process. The building solution is a hybrid structural system with the capability for growth without affecting work or productivity of employees’ operations. It also has the flexibility to adapt working areas to the constant company restocking and steady growth. The building’s envelope integrates a series of prefabricated concrete elements that serve as shading devices for the office area while providing a contemporary appeal. The program for this project includes 62 parking spaces, entry security and control point, reception area, offices, various conference rooms, and kitchenette area.


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