Multifamily Projects

Washington, D.C. Town Homes


This beautiful development town-home project is located in Washington D.C. and has a total area of 150,000 S.F. The project is located near the Takoma Park metro station. There are four different types of town-homes, which all depend on their location within the site. This creates variety depending on the preference of the future owners. Out of the total 50 townhomes, 18 of them are corner units which will have a premium cost due to their additional glassing and comfort. The large green spaces connect the entire site and all of the town-homes together, making it a relaxing exterior space and green environment. In contrast with the large public green park, there are smaller semi-private spaces that are “shared” every four town-homes. In contrast to that, there are also private exterior spaces in each town home. The idea becomes that the environment is made greater if it is shared between all of us. By allowing three different exterior spaces, we can achieve a community for every type of person. From the most private conservative person to the most public free individual.


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