CardioCare & Vascular Group Clinic


CardioCare and Vascular Group Clinic, located in San Juan PR, was commissioned by the founder and President, Dr. Rodriguez, who is a visionary in the way he practices cardiology in Puerto Rico. From the get-go, Dr. Rodriguez understood the need to create a space that was directed for both the patient and the four doctors that operate the clinic in a way that allowed them to provide quality yet highly efficient service. The clinic, located in Santurce, was designed with the intent to have patients naturally flow from one medical room to the next, until they have passed through all the rooms and arrive at the check-out counter. This created a free flow that allows the doctors to see more patients in the same amount of time and without reducing quality of service. Similarly, the doctors have their own independent entrance to the clinic and to each individual medical room, allowing a fast turnaround of patients without interruptions. All of the above was achieved while also allowing plenty of natural light to flow inside the clinic through glass walls in the medical rooms. This creates a highly motivating work environment both for the doctors and for the employees, as well as comfort for the patients. In all, the clinic was a complete success and the doctor later commissioned us to remodel his residence, as well as an expansion to the new clinic.


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