Menonita Hospital Intensive Care Unit Remodel in Caguas, PR


Looking to incorporate a state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit to their Caguas hospital, the Menonita Health System commissioned us to remodel a completely abandoned floor and convert it into a full capacity 12 bed ICU. The abandoned floor, which was destroyed by hurricane María, was completely revamped, transforming it into a waiting area, two pressurized rooms, ten patient rooms, private toilet spaces for each patient, visual and camera monitoring for each patient, new windows, a new 360 reception area, staff lounge, and many more amenities. Each room was designed with the ability to accommodate family members’ overnight stays for better patient care, rehabilitation, stress reduction, and safety. Staff workspaces contain large and well-defined stations, direct visual contact with their patients, and easy, fast access to any patient that needs immediate care. As standard in all ICU departments and to maximize patient monitoring by the doctors and nurses, we designed the walls of the rooms facing the corridors in glass. Similarly, for better patient monitoring, the office and staff collaboration spaces had partially glazed walls incorporated into the space. We implemented current bathroom guidelines in the planning of this critical care space. In the past, the norm was to install a modular toilet/sink unit with a privacy curtain in the patient space; however, currently, the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals by FGI, require that patients have direct access to an enclosed toilet room and such were provided. This new Intensive Care Unit by the Menonita Health System is undoubtedly a significant contribution to the Puerto Rico healthcare system. 



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