Villegas MD Ophthalmology Clinic in Ciudadela, Phase 1


Villegas MD Ophthalmology Clinic, located in the capital San Juan, Puerto Rico, could be the fortunate result of a unique perfect storm. Designed before Hurricane María and built after the storm, the final product represents a family joint venture between a doctor and two architects very passionate about their professions. Architect Victor M. Villegas (father), Architect Andrés M. Villegas (son no.1), and Dr. Victor M. Villegas (son no.2) joined their talents and passion to create a space for ocular retinal treatment with a feeling of comfort, wellness, and design. Villegas MD is a three-lane ophthalmology clinic, with 1,415 sq ft built with a budget of $300,000 (excluding medical equipment) and designed to treat a broad range of patients with ocular oncology, retina, and pediatrics conditions. The clinic presents a clean and sleek design strategically interrupted by wooden statement elements that work as a counterpart, proposing the space coexistence between the essential and the elaborate. It is not overwhelmingly minimalist while not over-designed. Aesthetically, it seeks a pleasant balance between the elegance of the general elements and the richness of elaborate wooden details.


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